"Not just quality guitar lessons:Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
                                                 Actual music lessons on the guitar!"

WhoAn experienced, passionate teacher and an acclaimed working musician. Thumbtack Best since 2015 .
How: Learn how music works on the guitar in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Explore the wonder-world of the fingerboard with excellent maps. Apply right-away theory into real "music to your ears."

Why:  Understand how your favorite music is made, release your own creativity, grow your overall musicianship, turn your  ideas into whole tunes.
Specialized in: Theory you can use/How music works for Acoustic finger-style, (Blues Folk Swing Classical Rock songwriter) Arrangements, Accompaniment, vocal warm-ups/ work-outs for the guitarist. Creativity and performance coaching.
Where: Mini recording/teaching studio in glorious Porter Square, Cambridge MA. OR Skype
Call for a free consultation: 617 447 5575 and/or  bertlarrymusic@gmail.com. 
Fees: 1rst lesson$50, regular $60 1hr lesson, the "Onward" deal:  Bulk rate of 5 lessons for $275 .  The "OnwardForward" deal: 10 for $500.Includes Pdfs/Mp3's/Worksheets.Sit-in for free in my Passim school  group class in Harvard Sq.

Passim School Hands-On Harmony class.