Saturday December 1rst  2018 7 pm at Yukon Stubblebine Lutherie

20 Year later, Still Blue.

Special concert, celebrating of the 20 st anniversary of the release of “La vie en Bleu” an acclaimed Cd  release.

Bertrand will play that CD in Order while sharing “Bold-faced True Stories” from his surreal life as a French man surviving in the USA..


”La Vie En Bleu" unexpected gem...unquestionable tone and

phrasing whether using six-or twelve-string acoustic (or) Dobro


-Michael Caito, The Providence Phoenix

"...street tough...with seductive smoothness..."

-Scott Alarik, the Boston Globe


"...Boston French Blues guitar wizard...imaginative melodic and

rhythmic sense...'

-Elijah Wald, The Boston Globe

Also in November, I'll be scoring a couple of live Russian silent movies @
Harvard Film Archive Carpenter Center : 24 Quincy St, Cambridge

This just in: January 2016 I hear too often sweet complains that I do not play out enough and I agree. Well, I just got a gig for this weekend: I 'll be "live scoring"  " The Black Bird " a  great 1926 silent  movie this Sunday 5pm  Harvard sq.(Harvard Film Archive Carpenter Center : 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138) . Instrumentation: Baby Grand Piano, accordion (Suzy Lee)  I'll be bringing a 12 st, 6 str, Dobro, Banjo/Ukulele, Kazoo + a bag of things , all mic or plugged in the great sound system there. A tad scary since, we will have just a few hours to prepare. So may the gods of Improvisation be with us... "que sera sera"!
Chears, Bertrand


 Improv'Comedy with guitar! 2nd, 4th & 5th Fridays: Friday Night Live , 90 Duncan Ave in Providence RI 7pm... 12 Years of rocking the funny.