Complete beginners and advanced players alike have gained powerful insights from Bertrand's time-tested, easy yet empowering approach.

Philosophy: At any age and levels, while singing or playing, our bodies are our first instruments, so we focus on relaxation, effortlessness and flowing ergonomics. A relaxed playful, open mind-set makes focusing and learning much better, Brain scientists agree.

Some testimonials:
"Bertrand is a fantastic teacher who's expanded my understanding of music and guitar more than any other teacher, book, or reference that I've ever come across before." Michael L.
"I've studied guitar with Bertrand for one year. He is an exceptional teacher. He treats you as an unique individual, and the lessons are tailored for you. I have failed in learning how to play the guitar with several teachers in the past. Now, I am writing songs and playing the guitar again. This time I believe in myself and the power of songs. Sincerely, Limin"
"Just started working with Bertrand; already supper impressed with his teaching style! He gives you everything in bites... Not too much to overwhelm; just enough to bring you to that next step..." B.P.

"Bertrand is an excellent instructor. I have taken several group classes with him at Passim’s and look forward to taking more. He teaches the “why” behind the “how”. I have been able to apply that knowledge to learn songs outside of the class lessons. When a student has a question, Bertrand will ask questions of the student, leading them on a path toward their own discovery. He realizes the skill levels of the students in the group classes vary and will tailor lessons for all so none feel left behind and none feel bored. Bertrand is a very talented musician in his own right and it is fun to watch him play as he shows us the techniques of guitar greats from the past."  j W

"Bertrand is fantastic. His knowledge and skill are immense, and his style of teaching is laid back and approachable."  David S.
"Great musician. Excellent teacher for all levels.  John P.
"I've been taking a group class with Bertrand this winter. He is an amazing guitar player. Beyond that, he communicates his deep knowledge of and passion for music (playing, theory, history, artists etc.) at a level that people with a range of skills can understand. He is playful, flexible, fun, and challenges us without being intense. In sum, a wonderful teacher who I highly recommend!"   Polly H
"I took some classes at Passim with Bertrand and also took some private lessons. He is an amazing guitar player, a wonderful teacher and a great person! He really geared my individual lessons to my level so I could learn the type of music he taught. I would recommend him as a great teacher."  Emily S
"Bertrand's teaching style is contagious. His passion, knowledge and curiosity guide his lessons. Classes always start with a plan but often divert to different areas of musicianship. In the end each student is enriched and challenged."  Lee K.

"I have studied with Bertrand in small classes at the Passim School of Music and privately at his studio. He is an excellent teacher who brings a high level of commitment and enthusiasm to his sessions. He uses a holistic approach covering the theoretical , technical and even the ergonomic aspects of guitar playing. I particularly enjoyed his harmony class which have given me a solid rudimentary understanding of how chord progressions are built allowing me to begin improvising. Finally, he has a grasp of many genres of popular music and is willing to work in any that interests his students. Highly recommended"
Chris H.

On Voice coaching:

Voice coaching
: The guitar can be extremely useful in practicing your singing. Scales, vocalization, ear training, range, singing on pitch, all can be practiced with the guitar too, not just the piano. Inspired by working with Vocal Coaches (Mark Baxter, Jeanie Diva,Per Bristow, Brett Manning) and applysinging actors, the use of creative, unique games of improvisation, ear-training and singing make learning theory and melody on the guitar an exciting joy by engaging the whole brain. While learning the basics, students can choose any songs and styles of their liking and are encouraged to improvise and to have fun while freeing personal expression.

Private and classroom settings, in English, or French.


“This was by far the best class I have had at Passim (School of music).Thanks Bertrand.”
JW    "Ditto" JV

Re: “Guit&Vocal”: (A voice course for guitarists)
“You are an excellent voice teacher! Who knew?  I never got to thank you for that class. It wasn’t just the information but from the very first class your energy.  It set me straight on my own priorities from that very first class. I dont pay you enough to do therapy, but let's just say it was transformative for me and I am so very grateful.”NB

“... now we're moving into singing and hearing, and hearing and singing, developing a full understanding of the guitar and voice together through playing simple songs very carefully.
Quite good stuff. I'm very excited about the next semester as well.As a teacher, Bertrand's commitment to holistic teaching and learning is quite appealing.”  KmcC

“While I may be ahead of most of other students in class one...I still learned a lot and will enjoy another round if its cool with you.”DL                                                                                                       

“Hopefully in a future session I will able able to take this class again.I really enjoyed your teaching style and your enthusiasm.”